Zac Trainor

Zac's work will be on view at our Grand Opening on August 3rd, 2018. See our events page for details.

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Artist Statement

“We are not in harmony with time. We are not 'up to the moment' in one way or another, but
we sleepily drift along in life not realizing what is meant to be realized at that moment. The
coincidences between dreams and real situations seem to repeatedly make a parallel
appearance in the psychic and physical realms.” -JUNG
Zac Trainor presents a confrontation with the unconscious in an effort to capture or access a
glimpse beyond the veil and into the realm of the soul. The processes taking place in our
conscious and unconscious, conflict of desire versus necessity, the struggle to obtain a sense
of place, and the impermanence of our existence are just some of the underlying philosophies
and inspiration in the works.

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North Carolina based artist Zac Trainor works with concepts and imagery that explore
the alternate realities of our existence. Ghostly, layered, + nostalgic: There’s a confident
loneliness that lends the viewer to self reflection, evoking a meditation on both the
beautiful and harsh realities of this world, and the mystery or defeat of what may lie
beyond. Each work is meant as a dialogue with the past, present, and future, not at
separate instances, but rather all moments occurring at once.
Pulling in references from a genuine interest and exploration of the ideas found in
philosophy, psychology, sacred geometry, ancient cultures and religions, scientific and
astronomical teachings, Trainor’s work attempts to break free and transcend the
barriers of the physical world in search of a deeper understanding of the human
condition and of the soul. Influenced by the work of the abstract expressionists just as
much as the old masters, his genre bending style is a constant battle between the
tangible and intangible elements of existence.
While there are often bold, bright strokes of color present in the works, there is always
an ominous force that eludes to a darker, hidden meaning. A depiction of souls yearning
to be set free, trapped within their own skin or circumstance. Transparent, obscured, or
partial figures entangled amongst an all encompassing, unraveling atmosphere are
used to portray a sense of impermanence or loss.
“There is a state of decay all around, and I probably think about death more than I
should. At the same time, I am aware and reminded every day of the overwhelming
beauty that exists in the world. I think that is ultimately reflected in my work. I hope it is.
The most important thing for me is learning from the process whether it be in painting or
in life.
Every day we encounter a variety of stimuli and experiences where words fail us and
the psyche takes hold. It is these moments that I seek to capture in my work.”

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